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Surpassing Your Expectations in Disaster Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration Specialists provide complete disaster restoration services to residential and commercial buildings in Utah and Nationwide. Water Damage Restoration Specialists with hundreds of fully licensed and insured contractors are here 24/7 to dispatch professional, fully equipped technicians to any location Nationwide. Regardless of the nature of the loss — fire, water, mold, infestation, tornados or hurricanes — Water Damage Restoration Specialists recovery team provides hands-on expertise to ensure the most efficient, fastest path back to normal. We have the capability to respond to a disaster any time and are prepared to commence restoration immediately.

Water Damage Restoration Service 24/7

Flooding from external sources, plumbing failures or water leaks could result in mold or water damage in your home. Water Damage Restoration Specialists, a leading water damage restoration company with many years of experience, will repair and clean up the problem fast! We guarantee your satisfaction!

Mold Remediation Specialists

Our water damage restoration service includes a team of mold remediation specialists that will provide mold removal and restoration services from water damage of any kind in your home or commercial building.

Fire Damage Restoration Service

Need a fire damage restoration contractor? We are your repair and clean up solution for fire damage, soot damage and smoke damage.

Storm Damage Repair

If you experience a disaster due to wind damage from a hurricane, tornado or tropical storm, Water Damage Restoration Specialists are your first choice in wind damage repair companies, prepared to take on any type of storm damage.

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You'll breathe easier knowing we can solve the problem, fast!

By employing the latest technology and innovation, you are assured the best possible results.  

Water Extraction Services. Why is time of the essence?

Standing water creates mildew, stimulating mold and other bacterial growth, leading to asthma and other health issues.

Water Damage Restoration Specialists' water extraction services and water damage dryout services eliminates the hazards associated with leaks, flood waters and other types of water damage.

If your home or business has recently had any type of water damage it is important to have a professional water damage restoration company, check to make sure there is no hidden moisture and the dryout process was done correctly to prevent future problems with mold and bacteria growth.

  Fire Damage Restoration.

Fire creates smoke and soot, causing cough, shortness of breath, hoarseness, headache and even mental status changes.
Smoke and soot can travel and penetrate into other rooms of a residential home or commercial building affecting paint, carpet, upholstery, drapes, clothing and other personal belongings.

If your home or business has sustained fire damage and you are seeking the services of a fire damage repair contractor. You have come to the right place, with our professional fire damage services you can rest assured you're in in good hands.

Do-It-Yourself solutions... Can backfire.

Incomplete or non-professional remediation can lead to more damage, and your insurance company may deny your damage claim.
In todays world the internet provides information about all subjects, however when it comes to damage restoration it is always best to hire a professional damage restoration company for any clean up needs. Water Damage Restoration Specialists take great pride in providing our clients with the best and newest technologies possible for their restoration needs.